Friday, October 18, 2013

A Perfect Spontaneous Weekend with Hangover!

Let me segue my way before I go into this post.   As I was pressing this, I watched Boy Abunda's Bandila segment "Ikaw Na,  with guest, Singer/Songwriter Stephen Bishop  singing a few of the lines of Separate Lives,  "You have no right to ask me how I feel, you have no right..."   And that leads me to You Tube  till mornight..  Oh 80's classics always make me feel nostalgic.   

Still, it gave me a goosebump as I watched on Youtube the highlights of  the game last night,   the sweet winning of Azkals from Pakistan as they retain the Peace Cup Title.  OH my, I am such a big fan of  Stephan Schrock! 


Here goes my spontaneous post.

I hope you read to the end  so I won't get misunderstood with the word "hangover" at the title. I posted a photo of alcoholic drink,   the booze  that  we  use to drink, it seldom happens, only when we feel like drinking a bottle or  two.  Hang-over  is about excessive happiness that  is so bitin.  We spent with Mendiolables over a weekend, no backpack  that almost derailed  the zipper of our bags from being overload,   like the usual weekend.

We celebrated Lyn's birthday at Greenhills.  Instead of going home after the event,   we  we went to  Mendiola's house to spend a weekend.

Happy Birthday Lyn!  I hope I could feature all the classic food at Savory,  still the classic restaurant ever to include in my list. Thank you for the treat!

I promise to limit my words  so let me just post more  photos to  speak for  this post. 

From Savory Greenhills, to Regina's Store, to HMR. That was our unplanned itinerary for the day and ended at Mendiola's crib that night.

Now imagine how we survived two days with no extra wardrobe. We robbed off Joy's closet, like an isolated  section at the mall, with unpacked and  new items that are yet to unbox including  toiletries  such as toothbrush and undies.  We were like a guest in a hotel with free accommodation.   I could be wrong here. For she might bill me for our two night stay.  Half Kidding - Half Serious. Teehee.

Girls turned iced!  We already tasted  different flavors of Tanduay Ice and ended up with the classic one. Do not underestimate this drink. It tastes like a regular soft drink but eventually would turn your head down in your last sip.  The  booze  that bonds us together,  no kidding,  while  watching then ABS-CBN  The Voice.  I think I should make a separate review for  Tanduay Ice.  Definitely,  a 5/5 rate deserves this drink.
Me: I couldn't taste the strength of this drink.  It only contains 5% alcohol. 
Joy: Girls just wanna have fun!

Lucy in the Sky was  my company while children were at the pool. The image at the cover  caught me. I felt like I read this already in the  past,  the girl's diary slash blog.  That, I just bought at BookSale Greenhills a little above P100.

Warning:  Photoshoot overload!

Our look-up, look-down photo. Fail!

The rash guards supposedly for next summer  swimwear  that we just bought at Regina's.

A  birthday celebration of  John's beautiful sister,  Happy Birthday Gaye!

The view from top,  overlooking urbanized Manila.

So there!  We only planned  a lunch for Lyns birthday but ended up to Greenhills Shopping Center, Regina's, HMR, Tanduay Ice, Gaye's birthday, swimming and more..


With only a few word,  I hope I didn't tire you out reading this post.

You may be caught off guard forcing you to be spontaneous. For once go with it, you'll actually enjoy yourself.- Unknown

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  1. well, i'm looking forward to that next spontaneous vacation. we miss you guys...


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