Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Should men work like women?

Nowadays,  these items such as bearings, wires knobs  and  clamps  no longer considered   only for  men's  stuff.   Before,  when dad took over mom's  job  such as  cooking, taking care of the kids, laundry and other  household chores  give  him an embarrassment having  this feminine things  on his  hand.    This  becomes  a common  sight  now  in  more  household.  Women,  however  do more  masculine job  like  lifting, driving and more.

Let's face it!  In some other cases where both men and women work, women tend to do more household stuff  when they're both  home, while men stop to work and  rest  in a bed  like a king.   It could be because when men were young, they were  never brought up to be doing  household chores  while young girls were taught to master  domesticated  job  and  learn all these thing at  a  young age.  Even if   women weren't  taught about  repairs, replacing door knobs and all the supplies like that at   Reid Supply Industrial  that links to men's  stuff,  still  they did not limit their capability into  just baking a colorful sweet cupcake.    

In reality,  it is still a traditional role that women should  take care of  the family  at  home and  equality seems to be far off  in the view.  This  equality  should  then  be raised  from  the time we were born in this world. 

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