Friday, October 4, 2013

iAcademy Accessory Design Workshop

"You do not create art to please, create art to share what is inside you. When somebody says my design sucks,  I love it because  it's  them who make me not to stop creating,"    says  Mr. Manu Respall during  iAcademy Accessory Design Workshop  last  week.   Respall  is  the designer  behind DogFicher.   He was the speaker during the said workshop.  The few hours inside the Fashion Design room  was made more fun because of his witty sense.  I  could stand the whole day just listening to him while  sharing  skills. His  humorous way  of  delivering  made the audience become more attentive  to  his clever insights.    I learned a lot  from  this event and proud to be a part of  this  workshop.  

Respall  said, he has no rules to create a design, just  C.R.E.A.T.E  which he elaborates as C= Character, ( personality)  R= Reason (what occasion),   E =Element (symbolism) A=Artistry (craftsmanship), T=Treatment (clients view wearing it) E=Ergonomics (how it works).


We were tasked to create our own design using only paper with no tools to use like scissors,  tapes, or anything except paper.  I chose to create what popped out first on my mind.  Necklace.  Yeah,  I thought that my creation was dynamic and with that, I would win.  My seatmates, Joy and Lyn created the same but of different designs,   Joy with her heart shaped accessory and Lyn, a chain necklace.  Lyn's was supposed to be a belt but turned necklace with the materials that  seemingly  not enough to  fit.

The Fashion Design students at the back row  were seriously creating their own designs. 

I was really impressed and thought that the winner would come from this group.  (see above photo as they present their creations in front of us, media and blogger)

My seatmates for the day, Lyn and Chumcee.  It turned out a big surprise  as I didn't know I seated with the best designer student for the day ever.

That's me and my dynamic creation with Joy Mendiola having a photo in one of the creations from iAcademy student. I stand by my word, DYNAMIC.  As Mr. Respall said, there are no  rules to follow in art and  the word "ugly" is not  included in art's   vocabulary.  

Look at how we presented our creation. Chumcee won her unbelievably unique creation.  By just looking at her's  made me realize what she went through to finish this one and with that, she truly deserved the title with the most beautiful creation.

I personally love the hair dress from another blogger who created a Lady Gaga like accessory. 

Project Runaway Philippines contestants and designers work in the room  where the workshop was held.    iAcademy is the only academy along Ayala Avenue.  It is located at iAcademy Building, 6764 Ayala Avenue Makati City.

At iAcademy hallway

iAcademy  is the training ground for students who want  to pursue a career in  Design,  Computing, and Business programs.  Its mission is to  produce future leaders and trailblazers by providing a venue for the incubation and realization of ideas through lasting and meaningful partnerships with leading industry players.

The institution intends to inspire its students to pursue their passions and be of service to mankind by developing real world  solutions to pressing global issues.

Dedicated to preparing and equipping students for a highly competitive professional world and to addressing the gap between academe and industry. iAcademy offers first-class Design, Computing and Business programs specially geared towards proficiency and work excellence.

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  1. You, Joy, and Lyn made really nice paper necklaces! I wouldn't know what item to make if I were there. Lol!


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