Friday, October 11, 2013

My Rejuvenating Facial Treatment at Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics

Some women are just so lucky and  blessed to have  flawless skin, toned and sexy body and all other adjectives that suggest beauty.    If  you are not born possessing  the above list,   worry no more because all the beauty problems that you think will  be forever yours  have  guaranteed solutions. YES!   Because  Japan's number one Aesthetic Center and world's Intralasik Eye Surgery Provider is now in the Philippines,  Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetic.

Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics  provides solution to seven beauty problems  such as dry skin, body odor,  excess weight, uneven skin tone, sagging/loose skin, unwanted hair, poor or deteriorating vision.


Lately,  I started to notice  wrinkles that are  showing up in my face.  Whenever  friends ask me to go out, I sometimes opt to just stay  at  home and  face the problem by just embracing  the signs of  aging.  I am in my early 40s but my confidence is already pulling me down .  I   know.  It shouldn't be that way.  I  always  thought that a facial treatment wouldn't help at all.  Last week,  the invitation of  my friend Joy  to try Shinagawa,  leads me to something that changed my whole perception.  I 've read some good reviews  about  Shinagawa so  I  tried  myself  to  prove what the center can do to my problem.

Before the procedure,  we have a consultation with the specialist and advised us  the   treatment  that's best  for  us,  gave us  a detailed explanation,  analysis and answered all our queries.

I was given a Rejuvenating Facial Treatment which I really needed given my age.  I was amazed with  their most advanced technology  along with trained staff  who really care for their clients. 

I was instructed to wash my face first using highly recommended CELESTY product before  I finally proceeded  to another room for  facial treatment.  I  was relaxed during the whole process.  After all the procedures - scrub,  collagen treatment, high frequency laser,.. -  I felt younger again. The whole treatment  was so relaxing  and  took my stress away.  

In an instant, I was rejuvenated and  wrinkles, dry skin, black heads and all the flaws were no longer visible in my face. With  Shinagawa, my skin was moisturized and  felt a big change in my whole  look.  I gained back the confidence that I  lost for a long time. 

I will try Dental Spa and other dental services next time so please watch out as I will post a review when done. 


The most advanced and high-tech equipment at  Shinagawa

Shinagawa has made a distinctive mark especially in Japan in the industry of aesthetic medicine, being  #1 Aesthetic Center with 30 branches scattered all over the country and employing over 100 plastic surgery specialists. 

In 2004, Shinagawa expanded its services by including Lasik and Intralasik operations but still employing the policy of using the latest technology while keeping it affordable. Shinagawa has quickly become the top Lasik surgery provider in the world, with more than 1 million successful operations to date.

World leader in Lasik and aestheric medicine, Shinagawa began as an aesthetic clinic in 1988 and has since risen through the ranks to become one of the top aesthetics centers in the world.

The Shinagawa Lasik  and Aesthetic clinic in the Philippines is Shinagawa's first major business operation outside Japan. With the establishment of the Philippine branch in Manila, Shinagawa aims to provide the best, safest, most accessible and affordable services not only to Filipinos but to the rest of the world.

With more than 25 years of experience under its belt and  its constant utilization of the latest technologies and techniques, Shinagawa has enjoyed the patronage of many clients throughout the years with more than 3 million satisfied patients.

Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics provides Aesthetics, Orthodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry and  Lasik.

Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics is open Monday to Sunday
10am to 8pm (including Holidays)

Mezzanine Floor, Tower 2
The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Avenue
cor. Paseo De Roxas, Makati City

Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Website:
Tel No.: 491-0000 / 846-3197


  1. I heard shinagawa is good at lasik but not heard about facials yet

  2. I think I also need that Rejuvenating Facial Treatment.

  3. My mom tried a rejuvenating set before and her skin looked younger and fresh. I think the treatment is recommended.


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