Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prevention is better than Cure!

I couldn't believe that my last post about my swollen elbow was October last year. If it were another kind of illness, I would probably have been admitted in the hospital for complications for not giving attention to my elbow. My bad. I should have consulted the doctor at once and not risked about my health. I thought all the while that it was "bursitis," a non particular form of rheumatism. I thank God that the medicine works well except that sometimes I still feel the pain, but it's tolerable. I was also advised not to lift any heavy materials to avoid stressing my elbow. I was supposed to do the laundry this morning but I couldn't even stretch out my hand to reach the drum covers. I chose to rest my hands for a while and will just send off my dirty linens to the shop later. Easy right? I will just pick washed linen when done. Prevention is better than cure. I believe so. I was just a little late.

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  1. Oh no....kasi kasi eh...lol buti naman naagapan pa...ako nga dn gusto ko pa check mga palad ko...hahahay mahal! :P


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