Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One day at Marikina Riverbanks

Marikina is just a few minutes away from Manila. My sisters have bazaar in Riverbanks Center so we decided to visit them and see the park as well.

When we reached the place, my older daughter changed all the display in the mannequin and tada... all the clothes she displayed were sold in a few minutes. My sisters told me that we bring in good luck inside the store. Now I know what to do next season.

This girl deserves a percentage for the items that she sold. LOL.

We took the chance to roam around the park while we were still there. The park has many views and amusement to offer. Boat ride, zip line, bike around the park, amusement rides are just some of the attractions at the Riverbanks. I saw families having their picnics sitting in the grass only with the picnic mat.

At Marikina Riverbank Park

Right beside the riverbank, there's also a tent bazaar.

Food Trip at Marikina Riverbanks

Shawarma for only P45.00

For the three of us, me and my two daughters, I only paid less than P50 for the ice cream.


  1. Wow, gusto ko yung mango flavor hehehe. Nice strolling sis!
    Psssst, email me your paypal for the nostalgia prize, saka pala if you will continue the meme you might share the details with me para mmailagay ko dun sa post. Mwah!

  2. Nangangaroling sis eheste nangangamusta pala lol.. INgat!

  3. wow ang ganda dyan!! pasyal tyu dyan mnsan ehhehe d ko p naranasan yan sabi nila magnda dyan :D i agree LUCKY kayu mag iina!! youre so pretty kasi!! :)

  4. mira ba talaga paninda? my friend visits here every year. ayoko sumama, takot ako sa tubig...baka umapaw ang river. ay sus!

  5. I miss that shake so bad! thanks for dropping by! love your header!


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