Thursday, January 12, 2012

Revisiting the Manila Ocean Park

During Christmas break, we visited the Manila Ocean Park again with my siblings and their kids. The line going to the counter took us forever and before we even reached the ticket area, the only available was oceanarium. The Holiday Promo tickets were already sold out. Even if we were not able to get the Penguin and Sea Lion Show, my children and their cousins still enjoyed a lot. It is always More fun in the Philippines, going out with family.

Not anymore afraid of sharks.
During our first visit about three years ago, these sharks were smaller than they're today and she's not anymore afraid of them.

A review.
These are my two girls now.

and they were before. :)

Still cute! :)

There are more added attractions in Manila Ocean Park and is even better today. Ocenarium, Fish Spa, Astronaut Voyage, Antarctica, Musical Fountain and a lot more. You may visit the website at for details. Holiday Promo Specials run from November 5, 2011 to January 15, 2012. Enjoy the remaining weekend of their promo! Check it out now!



  1. we haven't been here pa, my friend went there when it was just starting. she didn't like the place. on jan 22, Juan we'll be having field trip here. Isasama ko na din ang twins.

  2. grabe, ang laki na ng pinagbago nila maizi and jill. looking prettier, talagang di na maitatanggi, nagdadalaga na sila.

  3. Wow, we have never been there. We tried to go the last time we were there but the taxi wanted to rip us off so we call it quits lol. Thanks for joining sis.

  4. were there last month too... ganda na nga lalo kesa sa una nmaing dalaw dun :)

    big na sila compared before :)

  5. These place is what I like my pamangkins would like to visit. For sure they would have a blast at the same time it's educational. ^_^

    Kim, USA

  6. Haven't been there, hoping to visit it someday!
    hope you can visit my entry too :)
    Happy Weekend!

  7. wow, super dalaga na si Ate! lagot. siguro mahaba na ang pila ng mga manliligaw. hehe. :)

  8. Hope to visit it again, my last visit was 2008 for sure many attractions were added na. Visiting via Color connection.

  9. ang bilis talaga nang panahon...parang kelan lang!

    ang dalaga na ni ate...look at those long legs!

  10. grabe ang bilis ng panahon ano? first tpunta dn ni ishi dyan she's 2!! ahahay 6 n sya!! 4 years ago na??? Huwaw!!


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