Thursday, January 19, 2012

After our EK Trip

Few weeks ago, we visited Enchanted Kingdom together with my siblings and kids, nephews and nieces. My sister's van that was supposed to take us to the themed park wasn't available so we hired another vehicle instead. We don't want to waste what we already planned for the day. We safely reached the destination and enjoyed the enchanted and fun rides. Surprisingly when we were about to go home, the service van that we hired for that trip was not around. We were not informed by the driver on how many hours should we wait. My sister tried to contact him but his mobile phone was turned off. We were a bit anxious but we were left with no option but to remain where we were seated because there was no available cab in the place.

After an hour of waiting, the driver came and deeply apologized and explained to us what he encountered on the road. I wish that he is a member of roadside assistance club so that when anything happens again while driving, or when he gets stranded, there will be a team ready to assist him anytime. It is not only the driver who wastes time and worries for nothing but passengers too. We all need to be prepared for unforeseen incidents all the time. Anyway, we arrived home safe that night, tired but happy. I'll tell more of the stories up next.

It was almost midnight and I was already drained and needed to recharge but the children looked opposite my way. They're full of energy and ready to take another rides again, if only the park extended its closing time.


  1. Hi, Mommy Nuts. Thank you for the warm welcome. Followed you thru GFC and subscribed.

  2. Wow to the max ang bonding nyo lagi sis!

  3. aw i thought i izzy yung bata :)) sa photo :))


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