Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fireworks, Firecrackers and Asthma

We were confined inside our house on the eve of New Year. I tightly closed our glass window and changed a thicker curtain just to make sure that no pollution would enter the house. I tuned on the radio to the loudest to welcome 2012. Few hours after welcoming new year, I watched the local news where hundreds of people were hospitalized due to injury they obtained from using the firecrackers. Physician Jobs may be the busiest in the first hour of New Year. When would these people stop celebrating New Year this way? I hope that the government will push through the total ban for firecrackers next year. Firecrackers victims even increased despite the strong campaign. My daughter has an asthma and even if she has no allergy, this traditional way of welcoming new year is a no no for me.

I can't see any good reason about using fireworks and firecrackers. They only contribute to pollution and bad effects to our health and also to our environment. The city in the morning was polluted and flights were even diverted because of poor visibility caused by smog. The smog is very dangerous to our health. I wanted to join a group to totally ban fireworks and firecrackers. I hope that the government put a steel hand to implement this law so that no injury or casualty will be reported next year.

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  1. I hate firecrackers! kaya pag New Year maaga ajo natutulog.


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