Monday, January 30, 2012

Mountable Ultrasound Machine

I was totally bothered with my sore elbow this morning and finally decided to visit the doctor. I rushed myself and proceeded to the nearest hospital as a walk-in patient. It's a prestigious hospital so even without referral, I hold on to my belief that the high paying clinic gives the best service. I was directed to the orthopedic surgeon and was examined right away with the mountable ultrasound machine inside the clinic. During the said test, the tendon appeared swollen, torn and there's a fluid collected around the joint. I was advised to take a medicine, 12-session therapy to rehabilitate my elbow and a muscle splint. I was glad I didn't have to go to another building for another test. See how technology works today! I wouldn't be surprised if I see other patient using video conferencing from for follow up. I was happy and felt relieved to discover the real cause of this pain that I've endured for quite a long time now.

I hate seeing doctor and who wouldn't? Aside from the fact that seeing a doctor is expensive, I hate being examined too. But I tell you, I am less stressed today. What I learned now is not to put off the visit tomorrow or later for it it would only risk finances. Possible surgery procedure could be the next treatment once the complication arises.

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