Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nostalgia #62: Remembering Samar

I was born in Samar. I was only four or five years old when we moved in to Batangas, my father's hometown. My father was a Biyahero. He met my mother in Samar and the rest is history. My sisters visited the place three years ago and they had great stories when they came back. I did not join them because I thought that it's kind of hard to travel with kids. There were some scenes that kept flashing back in my mind back in my pre-school years. I went to a school in a convent nearby and I was only four then. That's what I clearly recall because my teachers were nuns. I also remember whenever we visit my grandparents (my mother's side) and big trees were bountiful. Now I wonder if the forest is still existing by this time. Illegal logging has been rampant and was abused by people in power in the past decade.

Someday, I wanna go back to the place where I was born. I want to reminisce back years in my childhood. I wish my mother is still alive today. She would really love to have a vacation in her hometown too. Oh well reality bites. I just hope I can visit back before I reach my golden years.

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  1. Sa samar ka pala pinanganak sis, yung napapangasawa kasi ng youngest sister ng papa ko eh taga samar hehehe. Siguro pag fully grown na sina ate at bunso pwede na kayo bumisita dun.

    Ako din sis lie low muna sa blogging while summer pa.

  2. from samar to batangas to manila...whew!
    i'm sure you'll get nostalgic visiting the roots of where ur mom came from.

  3. oh my! I've never been there...sarap mag swimming!

  4. wow taga samar ka pala? may dugong letenyo ahehehe. kase I was born in bato leyte din...kaya bisdak ako hahaha!


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