Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Good Sign

I envy Mommy Jes who just posted her new mobile desk in her social networking account. It wasn't actually her desk that caught my attention but her awesome body. I asked her some tips why she looks fit now but she did not reply. Or maybe, she was just good in hiding her belly.

Anyways, I don't indulge much to carb loaded meal and work harder at home. Would you believe that the last time I weighed in, I was 130 pounds and today my weight went down to 127. This is a good sign of my diet plan. I think that working out at home, taking apidexin and going on a vegetable diet are the best ways to tone down my body. I'm actually scared of undergoing cosmetic surgery. I hate needles! I cut down the calories that I intake everyday. I really had a hard time reducing weight but I'm really serious to achieve back to my original weight, at least down to 110 pounds. Achieving a healthy body requires a lot of discipline so I guess I should continue what I have just started lately.

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