Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Rainy Weekend

It's another rainy weekend for us. Just another good excuse for us to stay inside the house and do my pending household chores. Honestly, I wanted to go out somewhere and look for sale items but the weather seems to be very cooperative and finds its way for me not to spend a single centavo on weekend. But I think it's the other way around online. Even if we're not going out to shop, online sale is tempting and everywhere in the Internet. I just opened a website and my eyes are drooling with items in a discounted price. I am contemplating again with this cheap deal. The shop has many collection of discount scrubs, accessories and other supplies. I need to grab the items because I have this feeling that supply will last very soon. Besides, shipping is free. What a great deal! I am not guilty in shopping but look, I am explaining here.

BTW, I need to check a purple bangles or bracelet for my dear friend Joy who will celebrate her birthday on July 12. She's so dear to me and she deserves a present which she already requested and this is not a surprise anymore. That's what she thinks. I am planning to personalize the gift. Wink.

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