Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nostalgia #60: Manila Zoo

We frequent Manila Zoo when my daughters were still young but they show no interest visiting the park anymore. I honestly want to go back to Manila Zoo and walk again with my kids eager to discover and see the animals around them. The picture was taken inside the children's park. You need to pay extra fee for the entrance aside from the ticket at the main park.

On July 25, 1959, the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden opened its doors to the public. It serves as one of the educational centers in the country where the viewing public can observe, discover and learn interesting facts about the beauty of Philippine fauna and flora.

Manila Zoo has a land area of 5.5 hectares and has a current population of about 500 animals. There are 106 species, among which are 30 different kinds of mammals, 63 reptile species and 13 types of birds. In addition to popular zoo occupants such as elephant, tigers lions and the hippos, Manila Zoo also houses several endemic and indigenous species of animals like the bearcat, long-talied macaques and crocodiles.

Located along Adriatico St., Manila, the Zoo also has canteens, souvenir shops, boating rentals at the lagoon and several playgrounds that cater to children and tourists.

With a good mix of education and entertainment purposes, the Manila Zoo does its best to appeal to everyone.


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  1. I went there last 2004 heheh when i met my hubby...Cool! Mine is up.

  2. Zoo is something that I would always want to visit, nakakaaliw ang mga critters kasi.. Thanks for the greetings sis.. This is one precious moment to treasure forever.

  3. How nostalgic lalo na ang ganyang pic!I guess isang beses lang akong nakapunta sa manila zoo at nakita ko lang sa picture.Maganda na raw ang manila zoo ngayon and hope to visit again ^_^

    Happy Nostalgia!


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