Thursday, July 14, 2011

Parking Problems

If you live in an urban, you should not only expect the heavy traffic along your way but also the parking space. Full parking sign is not unusual especially during Christmas season in a place where malls and other establishments are busy. It is a real headache when you find yourself driving around but still unlucky to have a space to park. Such a bad hair day! You even drive slower to get the bigger chance. It is like winning in a raffle draw when you see a car about to exit in a park. It is called the right timing but it is not always a lucky day all the time. In my case where I don't drive a car, parking is not a problem at all. We take a cab every time we go out but I can feel the dilemma of those who are having trouble finding a park area and only wish that there is a car lift parking available to save space and time.

If you are caught in a non existent parking space, then find the nearest neighboring building with free parking instead. Just remember to park in a safe place and in a secured parking facility with trusted personnel whom you are confident enough to leave your car.


  1. Buti na lang I don't have acar..wala ring problema sa parking!

  2. I hate driving because I am horrible at parking lol.


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