Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toy Stories: Baby Alive

Shopping Bag

This is my second entry for Toy Stories. When my little daughter saw the first Baby Alive doll somewhere, she kept insisting to buy one for her. It was too expensive so I said no. It costs around P5,000. ($100) Because she really wanted to have one, she called her grandma instead. On Christmas that year, she received this doll through a Balikbayan box. My daughter will be turning eleven this year but she's not ready yet to hand down the toy. She still loves to play the doll from time to time.

On the first day that she received the doll, she took care of the doll just like a real baby but I noticed that diapers were all consumed in just one day. I told her that meals need be served on time and should not be overfed. She learned about taking care of the baby but I did not buy more diapers anymore. When I was young, I only had rag doll which my mother sewed for us and I was happy and contented with it.

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  1. wow!!! akina lang yan jill!! :))

  2. that was cute! how i wished i had that doll when i was a young girl, hihi

    visiting you thru the Toy Stories Meme, hope you can visit my entry too :)

  3. oh my! that is too cute...I want one too...ehehhee!

    musta na po te? been awhile, sensya at ngayon lang ulit nakabalik...hope all is well!

  4. Cute girl and baby doll! Visiting from Jes Toy Story. Here's my entry:

  5. toy stories na!!! kaso baka d mo ma open sira ang host eh :(


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