Sunday, June 19, 2011

I So Love Shoes!

These are my shoes. Some of them are slightly used. My old shoes that are less frequently used are kept in a box. I organized my stuff yesterday and kept all my new shoes in a rack. I personally love them so whenever we go out in the mall, we always go to the particular section where shoes womens are on sale. I go for quality shoes and never mind about the price even if it costs me a big amount. I purchase them right away for I'm afraid to get home and regret of not buying it and come back to find out that no stocks are available.

Would you blame me for this obsession? I haven't used five pairs of the shoes here. MIL gave me few pairs of them while the rest are locally purchased. I go for wedge shoes. I want at least to appear two inches taller with these high heeled style. I am not blessed with height but I'm contented. I just want to enhance with whatever I already had.


  1. I love shoes, too that I have to exercise so much restraint not to splurge because I don't go out much and only wear slippers at home :d

  2. i love watching people who wear beautiful shoes but I just couldn't wear them in my line of work:( you have so many shoes sis!


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