Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding a Job

My sister commented when I posted about the status of the company where she is currently employed right now. She said that she is thinking about putting up a business if worst things happen. She is not looking forward to it but she is just being practical and want to get ready for possible crisis she might be facing in the future. I told her that finding a job is just as easy at charlotte jobs available online. Anyways, she is not worried because she took a second course and is also a certified teacher. She could apply in a university or any secondary school should she decides to look for another job. She studied a second course so she'll get a fall back should any crisis comes along the way.

We cannot blame when other professionals like doctors and lawyers migrate to another country. They only want to get compensated with the professions they'd worked hard to attain the degree. Unemployment rate turns worse and people got no choice but to settle abroad for good.

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  1. potek ezcited n ko maghanap ng trabaho :D wahhaha antay ko lng makapasok kids this aug :D


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