Saturday, June 11, 2011

Color Connection #2 Colorful Ipanema


Ipanema is one of the flip flops that I love to wear everyday. You'll never go wrong with it because these flip flops are very fashionable and you can choose from different colors and style that you want. Pictures below were taken during the Ipanema event I attended held at SMEX few weeks ago.

I prefer the white with green strap. I love it, it looks very neat.

I just had a high dose vitamin this morning, in the mood for posting.

Thanks to Fedhz for this pic. :)

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  1. very colorful nga... but wait, is it much better than Havaianas? because i haven't had a pair of ipanema....

    here's mine:

    hope to see you!

  2. Like ko yung seagreen or aqua blue ba yan with white strap. hehehe. Hindi kumukupas ang kagandahan ng tsinelas este ang iyong kagandahan pala. hehehe

  3. Wow those are beautiful Tita! Sorry for the late visit and thank you for joining.

  4. i like ipanema because its also cheaper here, lucky us! i remembered my officemates when they toured here, they really hoard ipanemas...hehehe! i bet you enjoyed the day, sounds fun! visiting you from color connection and wishing you a great week. :)

  5. mas magnda k p sa katabi mo :D eehehehehehe

  6. I love Ipanema flip-flops; they're chic, comfortable, and durable! I'm buying a new pair soon.


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