Monday, June 20, 2011

Color Connection #3: Payless


Hi there. Sorry for my late entry. I hope to make it on time in my next post. Here is my entry that connects to the previous one, shoes. Love them. :)

We just discovered that there is Payless branch here in Manila. MIL told me that they frequent the store in LA.

Please join us every Saturday and link the badge above for your colorful connection. Connect with us with any color of your choice.


  1. We usually buy the kids shoes sa payless sis, dami kASI nilang selections! Thanks for joining!

    Nga pala sis may nagrerequest sakin na dofollow daw ang comments, what does it mean wahhhh, ala akong alam eh..

  2. Go go ate, buy some. Mom and Dad just bought me three pairs of summer shoes. Thanks for joining Tita.


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