Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanks to Facebook

I had been a registered member of Facebook since 2008, but left the site and inactive for almost a year already. I confessed, I once was an addict of FB apps but when I started blogging, I became blogholic and seldom visit my old account. It was only a month ago when I visited the site again since one of my former co-worker buzzed me to check FB. This week, an old high school classmate added me and there was a flash of smile when I thought about those years in high school. I still vividly remember HS memories, how it frightened me when my teacher asked me to recite or participate in a class, late projects, incomplete notes and trembling moment whenever I see my crush. I was thirteen or fourteen then. Oh my golly, twenty five years passed so quickly and it only means that I've taken near half of my life already. Bottom line here is, thanks to FB, it feels good to be reunited again with old friends and rekindle friendship.


  1. I love facebook, I used to hate it but once i got used to it... Im addicted haha


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