Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mall of Asia

It's fun at SM Mall of Asia known as MOA, biggest mall in Asia and world's third largest shopping mall. There's a lot that mall offers.. live band, cultural show at music hall and many more. If you intend to shop there, get ready for a long long walk, hopping from one boutique to another.

posed before science discovery center

Been to MOA several times already but it was the first time I saw the sunset by which I've posted in my other blog. We were not able to roam around the mall because it was too big that my easily tired feet and my running shoes gave up already and needed some rest.


  1. I think my kids went to Science Discovery at Mall of Asia last year. Without me. hehehe! So I don't know how it looks like and what's in there. I know only how they felt when they enjoyed ice-skating there on my son's 8th bday.

  2. waaaaa...para lang kayong mag sisters....3 marias..ehehhhe!

    sensya na po te at ngayon lang me nakadalaw....I have a flu...waaaaaaaa...tulo sipon ko eh....lol!

    happy easter pala....:)


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