Thursday, March 11, 2010

mother's heart

I miss her so much. Today marked 62nd birthday of my mother had she lived for 17 years more; too young for her to die at 45 and too young for us to be orphaned. She died of kidney failure and there were some complications already just before she was scheduled for kidney transplant.

Just like any mother, she gave everything and worked hard for us. She worked abroad for seven years and I knew the feeling of that long painful years to be away from her children. I am a mother and I know what it felt like to be away even for single moment with my children.

I remembered her saying this to us where she only wished for very simple thing. She wants to go shopping, do groceries with cart full of goodies and cook food for us. It was a a very simple wish but that simple wish didn't even happen once. Sad.

I miss those days when we were rushing to go home from school and we're all in hungry mouth with whatever snack she cooked for us, hotcake, ginatan, bibingka or palitaw.

Thank your mom today for the life that she gave, for all her sacrifices and for everything that she did. Give your mom a hug today, a kiss, shower her with love.

I do miss my mother terribly and it's been 17 years. I miss her so much. yes.. so much!


  1. Hi nuts. Happy birthday sa mama mo. hindi ako parati dumadalaw sau dito pero I need to say this. naiiyak ako habang nagko-comment kasi nag-mild stroke ang nanay ko the other day and she will be 68 this year. di naman siya grabe kasi may medicine naman pero ganun pala ang pakiramdam. natetake-for granted ko siya minsan pero iba pala kapag ganitong mga sitwasyon. yes i will hug my nanay pag punta ko bukas sa bahay nila. kasi ayaw kong mag-senti sa harap niya baka maging maramdamin eh. salamat sa post mo na 'to, nuts.

  2. yami, it has been 17years already pero marami na beses that i cried alone pag naaalala ko siya lalo pag me problema ako na alam ko siya lang pwede ko ksama, lagi ko naiisip sana andito siya, or kung me little achievement na sana i can share with her. i may be senti too but it's really hard to lose a mother. walang kapantay ang love ng isang ina.

  3. aww. i feel you nuts. happy bday sa mama mo. if you feel like crying, we'll always be here for you. take care.

  4. reena, thanks.. you're so sweet..


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