Saturday, March 6, 2010

see better vision

check your eye vision. how far can you read?

We just came from optical clinic for eye check up of my two daughters. Regular visit is necessary every six months. My older daughter's vision from 200/175 last year is now 325 with astigmatism for right eye and 200 for the left. While my little one has retained her vision to 50 and 75.

Both have their eyes checked up. I wonder why my older daughter's vision was not corrected. By wearing eyeglasses, we can correct some eye problem but the real root of problem if not treated well, will only result to poor vision. Staring too long in computer, not wearing eyeglasses at times, reading in dim light, unhealthy lifestyle are common causes of poor eye vision.

We can take care of our eyes by taking enough sleep, eating healthy food and eye muscles stretching. There is certain eye muscle movement for our eyes. If you are working at the computer, have at least few moment to stop and look around and relax.


  1. wow, ang taas na ng grado ng panganay mo. i hope ma-correct yan. i wear reading glasses only since my eye grade is just the same as your second daugter's. kaya i try to read under a good reading light eh.

  2. Hello sis, wawa naman pala sila, ang aga namang nagkaproblema ang mga mata..

    But you have gorgeous ladies there sis.


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