Friday, March 12, 2010

Neighbor's House on Fire

So I only knew it today that I don't have list of emergency numbers in our house. Fire, Police, Hospital, etc.

Just this morning, when I was about to fetch my daughter from school, I was surprised to see my neighborhood in panic because the house near to us was on fire. I saw my neighbor with wireless phone outside and calling fire station. I hurriedly went inside our house and checked the fire department and found out that I don't have it in my emergency list too.

There's a firewall in the house next to us that even the smoke hardly find its way out. But it was my business, oh yes, my business, it's my neighbor, and their house was on fire.

This was taken at the 3rd floor. I went upstairs to see a closer look and saw the firemen readied themselves, armed with firehose and stairs and other tools to stop the fire. Only one thing was on my mind, put valuables in one bag including documents. I got the house keys, unplugged everything and locked the house.

When I went outside, there were already about 20 firetrucks on standby. I salute the firefighters performing their job. I'd say true heroes to risk their lives.

After about 40minutes, fire out was declared. The owner of the house who just left five minutes after the incident, was surprised when she came back to see their house burned and est 3.4 million pesos damaged in span of 40 minutes. Cause of fire: She forgot to unplug the celfone and overcharging was first pointed out as the cause of explosion that turned to a big fire.

March is Fire Prevention Month. Let's all be alert and take safety measures when leaving the house. Switch off all appliances, gas stove, and do not overcharged celfones or any other e-gadgets. A reminder including myself, to keep emergency numbers posted and visible in your house.


  1. Hey, sa Pilipinas ba yan? Firemen responding--that's good! Umaasenso!

  2. i;ve heard lots of negative feedback with regards to other firemen maybe but as I've witnessed today how they responded gave me high respect and with that, they truly deserved to be recognized as the living hero ready to risk their own lives.

  3. We always overcharge our cellphones. Sometimes it goes overnight. Thanks for the reminder.
    Btw, you win an award. Please check it out and feel free to pass it on.

  4. scary...some people are just so irresponsible

  5. Oh my goodness, this is scary.. Uso talaga ang sunog dyan sa tin pagka summer ano sis..

  6. oh no...kelan nangyari to? i was around the metro last Wednesday and i think nakasalubong ako ng 10 firetrucks! sabi kasi may mga sunog daw sa manila area that day. baka isa na yung neighbor mo dun.

    thank God, properties lng nadamay sa neighbor mo. and buti narin at ndi kayo inabot. salamat, i should list down impt numbers narin. we have those pero hindi nakapost eh. hahanapin pa.

    o ayan, nobela nanaman to. hehe. have fun with the hubby!! mwah!

  7. thank God you're all safe ... my first time here, followed you...


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