Saturday, March 20, 2010

conversation overheard

For my little one, having a big sister means having a mentor especially when it comes to fashion. In the photo, they were talking about how the blouse fits to my younger daughter that she planned to wear for tomorrows event, christening of a baby of a distant relative.

what do you think ate, do i look pretty with my outfit?

I think so, (big sister while busy with her fone)

turn around, let me see how you look, smile..

hmm.. the dress fits you and you're just prettier little sis..


  1. I will forever wonder how it is having daughters because I only have a son. It's good that your younger daughter can ask for fashion advice from her ate. By the way, I have awards for you waiting at my blog.

  2. That was so sweet. Great to see them help each other.

  3. my gosh, i miss my sissy.. we were exactly like this.. we're kikays lol

    kikay nga din youngest mo..

  4. nakikichismis si mami...ehehehhe! ang cute nilang tingnan...yan ang namiss ko sa boung buhay ko...sister!, I am grateful kasi I have Akesha....para narin kaming!


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