Thursday, February 11, 2010

will start my workout, promise

Today was supposed to be my first day of my workout. My friend texted me yesterday and I said yes, I'll make it tomorrow, and that's today. (doh!)  I was too lazy this morning, I went back to sleep  after my  morning routine. My morning usually starts at 4:30 in the morning, preparing breakfast for my girls and getting them ready for school. After cleaning up the mess, I usually go back to bed and take a morning nap again for another two hours. That's my routine, waking up before eleven and feeling bloated and tired from asleep. I've been practicing that over a year. I hope the gym will keep myself fit and light again. I'm quite conscious with my health right now, getting old means prone to sickness, to high blood pressure and a more serious problem, cancer. OMG, both my parents died of cancer and I'm so scared of that too.  Practicing a  healthier lifestyle is now on my  list.  I know, that once I start my workout, healthy and moderated food will  follow. Goodluck to me.


  1. wahhhh ang aga mong gumising, ako laging 8-9 nlol.. Siguro when Rylie start going to school I'd be forced to wake up early too.

    Thanks for the link sis, will add you in my other blogs as soon as EJ let go of me lol..

    Psst invite kita sa memeng Shoot Me para naman makita ko pictures mo with the kids hehehe..

  2. Loving your layout here sis. first time in your other blog.

    Nakakawala talaga ng stress ang workout at healthy pa.

  3. Hi Nuts,
    Goodluck sa yong workout, sis. Antagal ko na ring hindi nag eexercise. huhu.

    I added your badge na rin and followed you and added you to my blog list. hehe

  4. hello sis, sowi di ko pa nagarab yung badge mo wahhhh.. May appointment kami today sa doktor, maybe tonight i can do it.

    I have a tag for you here.


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