Monday, February 15, 2010

heart's day

How's your Valentine's Day? Chinese New Year?
We're not Chinese or have any Chinese blood but we love Tikoy, Pancit, Siopao, Siomai or any Chinese food. There's no heavy traffic here in Manila Flower shop yesterday. Well I guessed lovers and shoppers already have bought flowers for their loved ones, a day before the heart's day celebration. We didn't actually celebrate Valentine's Day. T'was like any normal day for us, no cake, flowers or any sweets and that's part of our cost-cutting. We just had lunch here at home after our Parent-Teacher Conference. After attending mass late afternoon, we had pizza and pasta for dinner. We saw some dragon parade but I missed to take shots because of lowbat condition of my cam.

Here's my 1st entry here for Mellow Yellow Monday.
This is the Ube flavored Tikoy that we had. It is still in the fridge and haven't cooked yet.

And this is what my girls like best, Hopia with Tikoy flavor too. Too bad, three packs were already gone in a few while. They just love the new product from Eng Bee Tin. Hopia and Tikoy in one.

I hope you all had a blast yesterday, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.
My Mellow Yellow Monday.


  1. wowwww....those are delicious, just love hopia. join me too for MYM.

  2. Valentine's was not really happening here in my place, maybe it was due to the celebration of Lunar New Year.
    Happy MYM!!

  3. Added this one on my Underway blog.. That hopia looks good.


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