Saturday, February 20, 2010

what's up

First off, I'd like to thank Rose for tagging me as Beautiful Blogger. So, I deserve it. Lol. I'll work for the tag soon. Thanks also for all your reply in my inquiries especially about blog thing problem. I hope to catch you again online. The problem is, daytime here means bedtime in your end.

My plurkmate, online friend turned personal, (even without seeing her in person) is going through a tough time but I know she can get over it. I'll ask permission first if i could link her site here since it's a personal blog and she doesn't want everybody to crawl on her page. Not today, because of her today's post. Well she's to launch a new blog, so let's just wait for that and see. She's a little emo today. Girl, you can get over it, you'll see one day, you'll laugh about it.

Yes, its Saturday once again. I was supposed to attend Supermom Blog Event (again, supermom, that's me!) Haha, but important thing came up yesterday and needed to be prioritized. But then, the said appointment was moved. Sad. I should have attended the event instead. I know it will be fun filled activities and sure moms who participated have enjoyed. Sure. A blast.

Well, got a lot of things to do. I won't mention it here. Not now. I was in front of computer the whole morning, it's weekend anyway and I'm starting to experience some blog syndrome already. Lol. Anyways, before I put that blog syndrome into detail, let me first go straight to this post. I'm already in my 200th words (as if this is a paid post). My previous post in my blog were all about food. My scheduled post for Yummy Sunday will be up later. Now, my daughters are craving for Leche Flan. And I'll be blogging about it too, the smoothest Leche Flan ever. I stole the recipe from the famous Blogger Pehpot. I actually subscribed and bookmarked her page, so as not to miss any menu. It seems like I'll open a new blog about food (no, that's a joke, I don't think I could maintain it). My two, I mean three blogs are more than enough to make me busy. I'm no Pehpot who never run out of ideas in all of her eight blogs. You read it correct, eight blogs. Only Super Blogger can manage that. And yes, she did! She's a Super Blogger!

So there, gotta go to supermarket again to replenish grocery items. Yes! First item in our list, ingredients for Leche Flan. Bye now. Happy Weekend!


  1. ayan, nakapag-post din. :)

    thanks nuts!!!! emo lng tlga ako because of this guy. alam mo na kung sino. let's just say we haven't been okay for a while. and sometimes i feel like leaving already but if i do that, it means i'll leave my friends too. so i'm just trying my best to keep composed all the time.

    pero there are days like today when i just want to give up and stay as far away as i can. but secretly wish he'd run after me. pero on days like this, he never makes any effort tlaga eh. sigh. so ayun.

  2. wow, you're not just a super SAHM but also a grat blogger. i hope you'll be able to make your leche flan as you desired. i also wish to learn making it as it's also one of my kids' fave desserts (although it's too sweet for my diet, lol).
    have a great weekend to you and your family. God bless:)

  3. Hello Nuts, you're really doin the supermom stuff, congrats and may you have excellent health all the way, follow you to Yummy Sunday. Anyway join my Bday tribute to my mom today. See you there, help me blow here candles.


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