Friday, February 26, 2010

Certified Member of BC Bloggers Community

This is my new blog and glad that this blog have 60 plus plus links already. I'm no superwoman who asked each one of them to link me. And the secret...


In an instant, I was able to link 60 plus plus in my blog, and vise versa. See the BC Blogger's List in my BC Bloggers Bloglist Page of my blog.

Now, follow the link. Thank you so much Paula of  Mommy Diary  for the genius idea. To BC Bloggers, I'll drop by each in your blog to thank you all as a member of this community.


  1. Sikat ka na talaga. Yahoo. Ill join sa sticky note. nakakaaliw. sarapmagbasa ng notes, Iba siya sa notes na pwede matouch for real joke

  2. I link you already with the BC bloggers.


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