Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Science Camp

It was really a tiring day for us last weekend not only for my my girl who actively joined the activites but myself also as a mom who was there for my daughter in the camp. If you think I am OA to be with her in the camp, well it's very ok for me to be called an OA mom. Just a caring mom. I'm a mother and so I know when to let her go on her own in the camp. It was also a bonding time for us. My older daughter didn't go with us. She's quite busy with her projects and prefer much to stay in the house, reading teenage magazine and books. It only means she's grown up, knows her priorities, and prefers to be home with her stuff.

"wait mom, want to see the view from the tree house"
as she was hurrying upstairs to reach the top..jumped out for joy at the tree house

one experience she will never forget.
she actually had seen planets Saturn and Mars.

and only a wish to experience to slip and slide down
in giant water slide..

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  1. Wow ang ganda ng place! Congratulations on your new blog and domain sis...I love your title pati..


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