Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The weekend that was

A short post to update where we've been last weekend. I'm afraid I won't be able  to post an entry  soon. The image I posted below was taken early morning at the resort where we stayed in   for our 2-day trip. I woke up as early as  6am to catch this view and  this is the best shot I could get with my camera.

I so love the smell of  the  sea as it always gives me a  refreshing feeling. It  was another wonderful weekend trip with friends and  another  exciting and jampacked one is coming... Azkals on  Saturday and  Pacquaio on Sunday! .. So there you go  folks,  I'll be posting a separate entry soon.

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  1. ganda ng shot na to! can't wait to see the next post...long malamang kaya di mo pa natatapos. gandang umaga! busy na ko the whole day, gotta buy gifts, gifts, gifts.


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