Monday, December 10, 2012

My thoughts on Pacquio-Marquez 4th fight

I watched the game via live streaming and at the same time  peeked at  live blog update  from Yahoo's  blow by blow updates of  the 4th fight  between Manny Pacquaio and Juan Marquez yesterday.  At  6th round while I was thinking Manny would win,  Juan Marquez  with his right power punch,  knocked Pacquiao down.  The medical team rushed inside the ring to see if Pacquiao was okay.  I was thinking at the fifth round that it  was Marquez who would use spirometry to check if he's still okay when Pacquiao blew a powerful punched that threw away  his mouthpiece out  from his mouth.

The nation was  left in  shock and who wouldn't?  It was a game predicted in the early rounds  for Manny that showed the real aggressive boxer  inside the ring.  Marquez was  bleeding and hardly breath with his  nose. Boxing analysts said that Manny was over confident and opened himself to Marquez  who was  patiently waiting  for a chance,  ready  to throw away that powerful punch in the last few seconds of  6th round.

Marquez won and he proved what he really wanted to happen in this game  but no matter what, we still love our champ, Manny Pacquiao.    He congratulated Marquez  at once  and  accepted the defeat. That shows a true sportsmanship!   He said that it's  part of the game, we cannot always win the battle, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  We still love you Manny Pacquiao!   Nothing change with how the nation look up on you.  You are an epitome of  a true  Filipino.  You get knocked down. And that's part of the game, being hit by  the opponent.  When someone falls on the ground,  it is just right to just  shake off  the dust and stand up. That's  what Manny did, he was wounded yet  he  stood up and smile. That's life,  move on.  You showed your  best and  you  will be forever our hero,  Pacquiao!

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