Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When is the best time to apply for a job?

My niece who graduated last March is still looking for a job related to a course that she finished. She tried to apply in banking companies but luck doesn't seem to be in her favor this time.  She was desperate to get a  job and seek online for possible opportunities.   Applying for a job on December,  as some may say,  is not really best at this time of the year because most of the companies are in freeze hiring or busy gearing up for holiday.   Yes,  some companies do but  others are not because they do hire when there is a vacancy that needs to fill up immediately.  More companies  need sales persons for  holiday rush  and usually  hire temporary  or contractual employee  during this season,  Christmas holiday  that  is.   They usually hire sales staff  and use e-verify poster for quick checking on  status.  But hey,  not only the retail industries  hire during holiday because  even the corporate firm  wants  to get people on board  as soon the new year starts,  January.

There is no perfect  and bad timing when  applying for a job because companies hire employees all year round or  when there is a  vacancy  to fill up.  When there is an opportunity posted in a bulletin or even online,  never delay and try to submit your updated resume  or you'll miss the train   for a minute late.  If  you are qualified and the employer wants you,  you might  get the job that you want.

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