Monday, December 10, 2012

More of holiday tips and gift ideas

I've written in my previous post about  gift ideas  but  I still have more to add.  Most businesses offer  holiday sales this season. You  cannot deny  the fact  that Christmas is coming very near,  thus  you  need  extra  money  to buy gifts for your loved ones. There are bazaars  where you can buy  cheaper ones.  In  high end malls, your few dollars will only buy one  or  two  items because most of the stores offer only  overpriced premium brands.

When it comes to buying gift nothing beats the personalized item like custom design t-shirts.  You  will also find the same stuff  in bazaar but not exactly  the same print that you want  in a  shirt.  The quality  of the shirt that I bought in the mall   last time was  not even worth for  the prize.  It costs me more than  $20 and  it looks like a rag after one use.  Shirts are  common as a gift but it can be special if you personalize it.  You just need to be smart and look around first when you're in bazaar. Unlike in the mall, you can haggle to a lower prize  when you're in  bazaar.   

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