Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nostalgia: Christmas Tree

Today is the last week for Nostalgia. I felt sad of course that this meme, where my blog has been a part of, will finally end this week. Anyways, I do believe that more windows will open after this. Anyways, the host will end it with a big blast. One entry will win as her way of thanking all the participants of Nostalgia. Today, I am sharing my Nostalgic Christmas, my childhood years without Christmas Tree.

I grew up in the province. My parents worked in a farm and we lived a hand to mouth existence. Although we're not rich, my father and mother always made sure that we had enough food in our table but those unnecessary decorations seemed to be out or were not included in the budget. Every Christmas, I always wish we have a Christmas Tree. I thought that only the rich could afford it. In my younger age, I got envy with my classmates with Christmas decoration inside their house. One time, my sisters and I decided to build our own tree using branches of wood. To make the story short, we ended up happy with our tree although it wasn't as glamorous as the one bought in the market. We we're even delighted to discover how we actually made it out of scraps. Today, Christmas tree reminds me of something. Christmas day will always be special with or without Christmas Tree.

Do you have any Christmas story to share? Why don't you share it with us. Join Nostalgia this week and have a chance to win a prize.

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  1. aw mag end na? bkit?? ayaw ipasa nlng sayu? :)

  2. Hello sis, nalala ko ang pasko sa barrio sa post mo hehhe.. Kami din walang fancy tree growing up but we always make one, yung salago tree baga sis then binabalot namin ng pasak ng sigarelyo hahaha.. Tapos ang mga poabitin eh bato na nakabalot sa balat ng kendi wahhh.. Pero jahitganun eh masaya kasi gabi gabi may caroling lol.. Salamat na muli for joining this the last lane of the meme sis, I am grateful for you with this. Sige gather up those votes para may pangdagdag sa pangshopping hehehe... Mwahnbess, merrry Christmas sis. You might get my car late butI hope makarating hehehe.. Luvya!

  3. aw, touchy post here. i share ur sentiment. my mom made a christmas tree out of a fortune plant which we decorated with balls made out of small stones and colorful candy wrappers:)

  4. Even without a Christmas tree, you can still have a merry Christmas when you spend it with the people you love most. That's the true essence of the holidays, right?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  5. HI sis, nangunguna na entry mo sa votes, gather ka pa ng votes, may nine days pa hehehe

  6. I also love Christmas trees, fond of taking photos of them in the malls. AT home I have a small Christmas tree it's not glamorous, not that well-decorated but I love it!

    You had a very inspiring Christmas tree story, thanks for sharing!



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