Friday, December 9, 2011

Life's a GC!

I just can't let this day pass without shouting out loud my Thank You for all the blessings this blogging world is giving me.

I would like to thank my Blogapalooza Community organized by WhenInManila and for recognizing my review of their product and giving me 1,ooo GC. Thank you so much!

I just won a Chef's Table 1,000 Gift Cheque today from Joy of Gastronomy and a chance to meet Chef Bruce of Chef's Table. I didn't expect that my comment entry would win the contest. Thank you so much. I just can't wait to dine in the restaurant and my kids are excited too.

It's our Christmas party tomorrow and I had a hard time thinking about what food to bring tomorrow. I pledged for any chicken menu. And look what I got? A Gift Certificate! What a perfect venue! I can use this GC for my food share. Yey! I'll just phone the hotel for my order and go to party tomorrow without any hassle at all.

Did I mention that I shopped for gifts today and used the GC too that I received yesterday?

Now, tell me. Life's a GC right? :)


  1. yeah, life's a GC, a toast for your blogging life!

  2. Wow sis, congratulations! That's a great prize and recognition!


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