Friday, December 16, 2011

3 Benefits of Instant Multiple Car Insurance Quotes

When it comes to finding car insurance, most of us approach the task with dread, perhaps even a shudder, as we forecast the hours of misery typically spent at our computer, filling out forms and scrolling through a myriad of websites. Never mind the different policies, features, and advertised promises that supposedly set each company apart from the other. Navigating the process almost seems hopeless and more often than not, we sign up with our parent’s company or follow a reference from a friend or neighbor just to simplify the process. Unfortunately, that process typically ends up costing people money. Thank goodness for the internet.


What’s better than easy? Instant! Fortunately, the internet has created a process that incorporates both with instant auto insurance quotes. Most major car insurance companies (and even some smaller ones) now facilitate their quote processes online, allowing users to instantly determine how much their policy will cost. Even better, browsers now allow users to save information and quickly insert it into a variety of forms. Forget the days of filling out individual applications! Saving time also means saving money as online processes typically allow users to customize a plan that includes only the features they are likely to use.

Now, here’s a trick question: what’s better than instant? Multiple! As in multiple instant car insurance quotes. Not only have online processes improved to make it faster and easier to get quotes, many companies will now do the legwork for you by pulling up quotes from a variety of different companies so you can compare car insurance quotes and see exactly how much you would pay with each one.


Why are instant multiple car insurance quotes better? With application processes having become more transparent and easier than ever, car insurance companies are now challenged to stay competitive and offer the best and lowest prices to consumers. After all, if they don’t offer the best price, it is as simple as a click of a button for consumers to choose another company. With lengthy paperwork and effort eliminated from the equation, consumers can now choose policies based upon price, features, and quality of service. Companies have no choice but to step up their game and offer incentives, programs, better features, and the best possible service, which of course, translates into direct benefit for consumers.


Did we mention this service is free? Forget paying for someone else to do the legwork for you – competitive comparison quotes are offered for free! This means you are free to choose the best company, the best policy, and the best services for your specific needs. When companies have to compete with one another, the advantages and benefits to consumers increases and with the added transparency of online comparative quotes, you are now FREE to choose the best solution to your car insurance needs, regardless of what company your Aunt Sue uses.

Convenience, competition, and freedom are the most important markers of a thriving industry and car insurance is no exception. Make sure you are choosing multiple instant car insurance quotes to save time, money, and your sanity!

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