Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

I should say this is a Biggie Meal like post. I go extra large this time. I can't afford to miss a single photo of the party we had last night. It was a big blast. I'm afraid I'll tire you out with too many photos and words. I warned you, this isn't an Ala Carte. Not only the mommies enjoyed the party but our children as well.

The party was held at Legend Villas. Joy called it their second home. They usually hold their parties, anniversaries and other occasions there. Thank you Mendiolables especially Rafael Mendiola Jr., Joy's better half for sponsoring the venue. I've been here many times as well covering event and I feel at home too. We earlier planned to have our party at Dad's Megamall but then changed the venue to Honey's home but few days before the party, Joy settled at the The Legend Villas. Hooray for this! Almost a perfect attendance. We came with our family and the venue was just perfect to accommodate us.

The early bird and the late comer.. :)

Jingke always comes early even at the many events we have attended together. She's my early bird buddy. Before we were complete we had already picture taking minus Jen who came late so we had to repeat the shooting process when she arrived. I love you Jen. Haha. Repeat the process. "picture taking."

Now you know, what binds us all? Half kidding.

For the Award.
Drum roll please..

The Best Costume Award goes to Jing! And the prize you will get is a big exposure and compliments here in my blog. Haha.
Have you ever seen a lovely Santa Claus in your life? My first time actually. She totally amazed me with her charm and how gamely she played in her Santa outfit!

While the moms were away, (just downstairs actually) the children play..

They're not playing actually. They're having their own game, playing hide and seek and a dance exhibition. What else could you expect when all the mommies were busy at the moment.

and here's more..
Warning: The photos above need PG. Only professionals can do that!
Playing and enjoying and picture all the way. Are they playing hide and seek? Where's Juan? I can't see him.. My little daughter who took this picture is always quick in getting picture such as this.

This is supposed to be for kids only. I wonder why the pretty lady in white stole the scene. Peace! haha

Kids have their exchange gift too. I cannot put the names into a detailed story, let my photos speak for my post. Just imagine the toddlers, tweens and teens exchanging gift.

The Swapping moment..

Part of the party was actually swapping of our old items like bags, shoes, accessories, etc. I forgot to bring mine so I just took photos of them. I wanted to swap my camera with Joy's new DSLR. :)

Chow time..

Children comfortably seated in bed while dining.
I ate a big chunks of Jingke's dessert and later had sumptuous plate of Bicol Express from Lyn. I thought it's a perfect meal as dessert always comes first for me.

And now for mommies' exchange gift..

Grabbed this from Jenny's album. Thank you so much Jen for this photo.

Jing started the exchange gift. I featured her again because her gift caught me as she matched it with her outfit :)

I received a bag from Honey. I so love it! Thank you so much Honey!

Now to start again, during the picking names few weeks ago for exchange gift, I actually picked Joy's name three times. Because I knew I will have a hard time to shop for this fashionista mommy, I returned her name in a bowl and picked another but no matter how I raffled off, I still picked her name three times. Do you believe in destiny? Now I do! Disclaimer: I am not teaching nor encouraging my readers to do the same. It was just for fun. Haha.

I captured the moment.. all the time spent with Lyn's help looking for the red cardigan paid off..

Now, we're complete in red outfit..

I grabbed this photo above from Jen's album. Joy, Honey, Jing, Jen, Jingke, Lyn and Beds minus the one in Arkansas, Momi Jes. Still looking for her photo with Santa hat to photoshop picture before even Google crawlers find this post. :)

We just couldn't get over with the fun we had. Too bad we had to leave the place early second after the early bird Jingke left the place. Early birds catched worm. Late comer washed the dishes.. *lol*

Thanks for the gifts that I received, a bag from Honey, and other gifts that are still wrapped waiting for Christmas day surprise to come. Ah wait, the brownies that Jing gave me didn't actually last long. We consumed it the moment we arrived home. Oh so sweet of you Mrs. Santa.

I am thankful for the friendship that we have. May we all be blessed this Christmas and the coming year 2012. Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Nice post mommy nors. Thanks for being part of our group your such a nice person in and out love you mommy nora mwah :)

  2. what a nice post!!! happiness wasall around. labyu nuts!

  3. Super Nice post Mommy Nora!!! I'm so happy you liked my gift!

  4. Super nice post Mommy Nora! I'm so happy that you liked my gift! I think i saw some photos of Arnold..hehehe
    God bless us All in this coming 2012, more bonding moments! I love you All!!!!

  5. This is such a happy post. I couldn't help but smile. I love our friendship. It is just amazing. Hope we'll continue this friendship forever. I love all mga dear!

    My post will come later. I need some major photo grabbing first. Hahaha!

  6. more more xmas party together with you guys!!! mwah mwah!!

  7. My dear friend, i guess you haven't missed any single moment of our Super Fs Christmas Party! I am so glad that you've captured every cute detail of our party. Can't help but to smile and laugh to all the pics and scenarios u've shared... hay, wish that every month would be bonding time for all of us! Always feel great to see happy faces around, love you Nors!!! Thanks for this amazing post! 'Til next! Merry Christmas! Hehehe lol! ;D- Mrs. Santa

  8. Wow sis buti pa dyan ang dami nyong activities! Love the photos.

    Jin ka sa last Nostalgia bukas ha? mwah!

  9. OH GOSH!! naaliw ako sa POST mo :)) ngayun lang akongabasa ng BLOG POST na kait sa kahuli hulihang punctuation mark ay napansin ko ahahahahahahah!!! LOVE IT! and I LOVE YOUALL!! I am so INGGIT I wasnt there!! Lalu n ang sasaya ng KIDDOS!!! asan ang mga daddies?? :D ehhehehe nweis MERRY CHRISTMAS sa inyung lahat :D mwah! (teary eyed)

  10. awwwwwwww...how fun! so cute nyong tingnan....sarap naman nang handaan....:)


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