Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why pork barrel must go?

It is in this day of the month that I am most stressed.   You ask why?    Bills  and other statement of accounts  come  together  like  they 're  marching in front of my house  protesting  with a banner that says, "please settle!"    Keeping a budget  is  such a hard thing  to do for many people and I  am  not an exemption  to this.   This is  like a storm that enters  my brain  then   sinks down   my body  into  deep until I get drowned. 

Let's get down to the point.

I should  have joined the protest yesterday to scrap and abolish  pork barrel.  Yes, because we are all affected and that  simple move could   make  a big difference.   These politicians that are  involved  in the scam  should be punished.   I wouldn't protest if they get  this from  kabbage.com funding  and pay  them back from their own pocket  too,  but no, they're not.   Their multi-billion account came  from  the taxes that  we pay and that  fund  anomalies caused many people to suffer from poverty these days. Now the news,  pork barrel will be scrapped.  You believe in that?  I don't think so. Because the pork will be  scrapped but  still there  in  a  new  dress.  Pork  that is   cooked  with  different recipes and  garnished with different flavorings  is still a  pork and nothing really changes except that this pork is cooked and served differently. 

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