Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Online and Pay in Cash with Tigerair Philippines

Good news!

Customers of Tigerair Philippines (TAP) can now pay in cash through any 7-11 branches nationwide.

“We realize that not all our customers have credit cards. This is why we decided to provide this service to our customers,” said Olive Ramos, President and CEO of TAP.

Upon booking online via, the customer will receive a booking reservation code to be presented to any 7-11 branches to facilitate the cash payment.

“7-11 has more than 780 branches nationwide, giving Tigerair passengers more than 780 locations to pay for their tickets. This is an example of the seamless customer experience and comfort that we aim to offer our passengers,” added Ramos, “That’s 780 reasons why it’s easier to book and pay for a flight with Tigerair.

Tigerair Philippines aims to provide their guests with efficient travel process and minimal delays so you don’t have to be stressed as you travel. It believes in bringing customers the best value for money through customer- friendly, high-quality service and excellent standards of safety, security, and reliability.

Tigerair Philippines is the first commercial airline to fly direct between Kalibo and Singapore. The carrier also flies to local destinations such as Clark, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Tacloban, and Puerto Princesa, and international destinations such as Bangkok and Hong Kong.

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