Saturday, September 13, 2014

Funky Fish

Funky Fish bright and colorful shops are the coolest place for girls to meet at the mall. They can try on different looks, change, then change again… and have lots of laughs while doing it. They can be elegant, wild, eccentric, or just plan trendy, but always “in”. They can be Pop - the sweet popular girl, who gets invited to all the parties! They can be Diva - glamorous, shiny, her presence will always be felt… They can be Punky - a bit of a rebel, likes lots of black and metal and really, truly rocks They can be Chic - a hipster, knows how to combine the old and the new and discover the next trend They can be Boho - spiritual and bohemian, comfortable and close to nature.

Funky Fish is in 25 countries, soon in many many more.

Check Funky Fish Philippines on Facebook Funky Fish branches:

Glorietta 4 Ground Floor

SM City Marikina Second Level

Fairview Terraces, Level 1

Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place, Manila.

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