Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rants Before Summer Break

My younger daughter is still busy at school at this time of the month while  most of the students have already started  their vacation. Today is their completion day but I could still feel the pressure in her  because of too many paper works and projects that seem  like printing flyers  that need to let go and  submit  before she can totally claim her summer break. There is a clearance that is yet to be finished too.  It looks like being a  freshman is just as hard as a senior  student  in terms of  clearances, thesis and research papers that must be completed  in order to proceed to another course level.

My advice is to just  do things one at a time and not to stress herself  much  because vacation  and handful of day offs are just there waiting.   Anyways,  summer extends to another month  because of some changes in school calendar year that would mean more time to relax  in the coming days.

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