Saturday, March 2, 2013

Well done, Congratulations!

My daughter can now finally  sit down  on her  back and relax    after   two weeks  of   worries  and uncertainties  waiting  till the day of   their presentation, entitled,  "re: ROBOTICS."   Her group  presented  the  thesis oral defense well.   They  were even told  by  the  panelists  to have their group's  remote controlled cleaning robot   included in an exhibit!    Wow!   All  their efforts were  paid off,   including me,  preparing their mind and   body   (literally,  tummy  full)   in good condition  for the  presentation.   (giving myself a full credit here! :)    They  worked  hard  for the robot  for  nine  months  and  spent  one  whole  sleepless  night   before the  scheduled  presentation   for  the defense. 

After that Saturday afternoon of  half and hour  nerve-wracking defense,  my daughter called me home  and told me about the good news.  She passed the oral defense and  got  the passport  for  graduation.  Luck  isn't  fit to describe the output,  it was hard work and perseverance.  Now,  here comes graduation,  marching on the stage  with head  up high   after  four years of  dedication and persistence.  Another milestone  in her  life is just about  to finish  and a new beginning is about start,  college.   Once again,  Congratulations  and  Good luck!


My daughter together with her group (at the back)  for photo op with the panelists.  The group left the defense room on cloud  nine  that day!


  1. CONGARTULATIONS!!! Wow me college ka na!!! tumatanda n tyu sis! ;))))

  2. That's awesome sis, something to be proud of for Ate's accomplishments!

  3. natapos din ang high naman.


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