Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are you sure all your data and other sensitive files have really been deleted?

If you think that formatting and deleting data on your computer and laptop would  clean  your drive,  think again.  These actions make  no  guarantee to clean and erase  your  drive.     Delete is not really a word that indicates  its meaning.   Because  they are  still  there  and you    need  a  wipe drive  to make sure that everything you deleted  no longer exists.  If  you happen to sell or discard your old computer,  make sure that you only sell the computer and not the private data  and documents that are still stored  in  your  PC.

It is like giving away your information easily to a thief and be surprised one day when everything in your bank was  drained, your emails were hacked and be caught by surprised with  your  private video that  has already been uploaded in the internet.  Don't give them the chance to steal your private information.  Don't tell  me I didn't  warn you!  Be aware and secure first   before selling it away!

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  1. Hi Nuts, glad to read about this (I saw it from the Reader! I didn't know that the files are still there even if you already deleted it. Ganun pala yun. Thanks for this very informative post.

    Have a happy weekend, Nuts!


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