Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nokia and Abenson

I used to think that high end cellphones and other gadgets are just a waste of  money  because  I  thought    that  sending and receiving messages  are the only  features  that  I  need.  That was then.  Blogging and updating  my  everyday  activities  have been  part of my daily  activities now,   thus,  a new cellphone is  needed  to get  all  the updates  from  my  friends  anytime.  Good thing when I visited  Abenson  Store,  I found  new  cellphones   like   Nokia Lumia  620,  Lumia 820 and Nokia 920   powered with Windows 8.    I can also  blog directly and update my  website anytime I want to.  There's a lot more features like  taking  a series of  photos in one click.  What an extra ordinary  feature  I  never thought a cellphone could offer.

Isn't  that amazing?  Check the images  below and see more facts about Abenson and Nokia Lumia series.

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