Saturday, February 16, 2013

Covering an event with my younger daughter

When I am allowed to tag along my daughter to cover  an event  like moms and kid occasion,  I always confirm  my attendance  at  once   because  I think the event  is  a perfect  bonding  time  too.   Besides,  it  helps  her socialize and at the same time expose her in different fun and learning activities. 

Photo was taken  with celebrity mom/endorser/writer  Maricel Laxa Pangilinan,  one of the guest speakers of the event.    

As soon as we enter the venue,  the  coordinator would always ask our names and put a name tag in our dress  just  like office desk name plates  to recognize each other in the event and also it serves as our passport  to roam around the area as media guests.

My daughter as she had a photo op  at  coloring activity area.  Though the activity suits for preschoolers,  I'm glad  that  she also  enjoyed  the  moment  even  if she's old enough with the said activity and  get along well with  children  too. 

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