Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Pool so Natural

It has been a really busy week!  Now,  I'm back blogging.  Another busy week is  coming up, not with another trip,  but with my online world.  The stories behind each of the trips are to be posted here  when  I'm done with  photo uploading later.   Summer is almost over but the weather is still as hot  like  the hottest day of  April.  The photo below shows  the cool water and  I bet you would want to  take a plunge when you see a place that is  so inviting.  I  wish for another vacation  here  when our time and budget  allow.  I will feature  in my future entry about the  heritage place we've been and  also the story  behind the houses of the past in the resort..

After swimming at the beach, the kids felt like  they were being massaged from the big  waves of the sea, and they  jumped to the pool that appealed  so natural  with  big rocks lying beneath the water.  The owner of  the resort  has a passion in preserving  the old  houses including the pool area.  It looks very natural  yet very elegant  and  the  discount pool parts   made  the  view  looks  pretty nice. How I wish there is a place like this near the city so we could just visit here in no time and have some relaxation  when the day's too exhausting.

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