Thursday, May 3, 2012

Comfortable but Expensive Ride

Riding  a taxi cab is  more comfortable than riding in a public transit.  I wish I have my own car and drive my way  going home to Batangas and save more travel  time with it.  Last weekend, we took a cab going to  bus terminal  which  is our  usual transport  when going  somewhere but  that day was unusual.   Unusual in a way that we were charged almost double of  the fare that we used to  pay  in  the same route and same distance. Okay,  maybe the taxicab is  a brand new vehicle but I think it's still  not fair  to charge us above the metered price.  We're seated in a comfortable soft  leather upholstery  with our feet in a   highland all weather floor mat  but  that would be funny if  that's their way to justify  the fare. It's  not even fair  to reason out that  we headed a bad traffic.  Anyways,  I didn't argue with  the driver.  I just thank him  for  a safe trip  and  didn't give him a  single tip  because I was so sure that our fare should have been less than that amount.


  1. Wow! You were charged more than the amount indicated on the meter? Here in Panglao Island there is a growing resentment among locals and tourists against tricycle and habal-habal drivers who have been charging passengers excessive fares ... and the barangay officials tend to turn blind on this matter.

  2. i hate taxi pagmalayung biyahe...kaya pag malayu magcommute nlng ako :D hehehehe

    anyway nag a appear p dn ang malware ek ek but i was able to click the comment box so I commented! pero i have to refresh your site to go on a next topic and click the comment box again.


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