Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Concern

Most couple choose the month of June for their wedding. They think that this month will bring them happiness and prosperity and they consider it as the best time of the year to settle with their loved ones. Mostly, if not all, the bride-to-be is the busiest and most involved about the preparation for the event. Other people chose to hire a wedding planner to make all the plans work smoothly so as not to miss out even the smallest details on the most important day of their lives. The flower arrangement, wedding gown and choosing the list of mens wedding rings are usually on top of the plan as they play a very important symbol of a lasting relationship.

Saying "I do" is a promise of a lifetime. It is the start of new life but the post event for the newlyweds sometimes becomes the start of money discussion. Before the wedding, the issue about finances must be settled first because most couple encounter problem regarding this matter after the wedding. Let's face it, many marriages ended up divorce after few months and most of the reason, other than personal differences, is finances.

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  1. have you watched the vow? their wedding is simple but sweet! :) so romantic!


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